Dr. Venkat Narayan Elected to the National Academy of Medicine Class of 2016

“Dr. Narayan continues to further enhance his leadership position as an internationally renowned diabetes researcher. Election to the National Academy of Medicine highlights individuals who have made major contributions to the advancement of health, and he is most deserving of this distinguished honor.”

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Centre for the Control of Chronic Conditions

Four leading global research institutions - the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Emory University, the London School of Hygiene & tropical Medicine and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) - have joined forces to establish the Centre for Control of Chronic Conditions, a new Centre headquartered at PHFI in India.  Dr. K.M. Venkat Narayan, Director of the Emory Global Diabetes Research Center at Emory University, will lead the US team. Read more...

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EGDRC and GCDTR Enrichment Seminar Series

Friday, June 30, 12pm - 1pm
Room 4001, CNR, 1518 Clifton Road

Join us to hear Dr. Chris Ford and Dr. Ram Jagannathan, two of our newest post-doctoral fellows, discuss issues related to diabetes and obesity.

GCDTR Small Grant Award Application

Faculty researchers from Emory University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University and the Atlanta Veterans’ Affairs System are eligible to propose studies that align with GCDTR's Cores. Click on the link above for more information!
Deadline: September 5, 2017

For all application and scientific questions, please contact: M’balu Oke, gcdtr@emory.edu


The INtegrating DEPrEssioN and Diabetes treatmENT (INDEPENDENT) study: Design and methods to address mental healthcare gaps in India

Kowalski AJ, Poongothai S, Chwastiak L, Hutcheson M, Tandon N, Khadgawat R, Sridhar GR, Aravind SR, Sosale B, Anjana RM, Rao D, Sagar R, Mehta N, Narayan KMV, Unutzer J, Katon W, Mohan V, Ali MK

The INDEPENDENT model aims to increase access to mental health care and improve depression and cardiometabolic disease outcomes among complex patients with diabetes by leveraging the care provided in diabetes clinics in India 

Mysteries of type 2 diabetes: the Indian Elephant meets the Chinese Dragon

Rhodes EC, Gujral UP, Narayan KM

China and India should consider establishing a diabetes research consortium to investigate the unique and emerging issues of importance in their countries, from novel risk factors to the pathophysiology of diabetes in Indian and Chinese populations.

Participation in a National Lifestyle Change Program is Associated with Improved Diabetes Control Outcomes

Jacksona SL, Staimez L, Safoa S, Longa Q, Rheea MK, Cunningham SA, Olsona DE, Tomoloa AM, Ramakrishnan U, Narayan KMV, Phillips LS

This research on the largest clinical lifestyle change program in the United States, the Veteran’s Health Administration’s MOVE! program, showed that implementing lifestyle change programs in U.S. health systems may improve health among the growing patient population with diabetes.

Prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in 15 states of India: results from the ICMR–INDIAB population-based cross-sectional study

Anjana RM, Deepa M, Pradeepa R, Mahanta J, Narain K, Das HK, Adhikari P, Rao PV, Saboo B, Kumar A, Bhansali A, John M, Luaia R, Reang T, Ningombam S, Jampa L, Budnah RO, Elangovan N, Subashini R, Venkatesan U, Unnikrishnan R, Das AK, Madhu SV, Ali MK, Pandey A, Dhaliwal RS, Kaur T, Swaminathan S, Mohan V

India’s diabetes epidemic is shifting, with the disease becoming increasingly common among people from low socio-economic backgrounds living in urban areas of the more affluent states.

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