Globalization and Food Prestige among Indian Adolescents
By Amanda Maxfield, Shailaja Patil, and Solveig A. Cunningham

Ecology of Food and Nutrition
Published online: 20 Jun 2016

Adolescents overwhelmingly believed nontraditional foods to be the most prestigious. Nonlocal foods, both from foreign countries and other regions of India, as well as foods eaten outside the home, were also considered prestigious. More...

Centre for the Control of Chronic Conditions

Four leading global research institutions - the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Emory University, the London School of Hygiene & tropical Medicine and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) - have joined forces to establish the Centre for Control of Chronic Conditions, a new Centre headquartered at PHFI in India.  Dr. K.M. Venkat Narayan, Director of the Emory Global Diabetes Research Center at Emory University, will lead the US team. Read more...

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Health in the Era of Sustainable Development: A Case for Trans-disciplinary Research
Lecture by K. Srinath Reddy, MD, DM, MSc
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The Stepwise Approach to Diabetes Prevention: Results From the D-CLIP Randomized Controlled Trial

Mary Beth Weber, Harish Ranjani, Lisa R. Staimez, Ranjit M. Anjana, Mohammed K. Ali, K.M. Venkat Narayan, and Viswanathan Mohan

The Diabetes Community Lifestyle Improvement Program (D-CLIP) is a randomized, controlled, translation trial of 578 overweight/obese Asian Indian adults with isolated impaired glucose tolerance (iIGT), isolated impaired fasting glucose (iIFG), or IFG+IGT in Chennai, India. Eligible individuals were identified through community-based recruitment and randomized to standard lifestyle advice (control) or a 6-month, culturally tailored, U.S. Diabetes Prevention Program–based lifestyle curriculum plus stepwise addition of metformin (500 mg, twice daily) for participants at highest risk of conversion to diabetes at ≥4 months of follow-up. The primary outcome, diabetes incidence, was assessed biannually and compared across study arms using an intention-to-treat analysis.

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Video Seminar

K. M. Venkat Narayan

Interview of Dr. K. M. Venkat Narayan on the global impact of diabetes, particularly in low-and-middle countries. Conducted by University of Copenhagen for a Coursera course on NCDs.

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