State-Level Decision Support Model for Reducing CVD Risk Factors

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors remain high within the US, and considerable geographic and social disparities exist. To date, there are no user-friendly tools available to state policy makers and public health officials that integrate up-to-date information on state-level rankings in prevalence of modifiable CVD risk factors, state-level rankings in major health outcomes and economic consequences related to CVD risk factors, or estimates of the potential health and economic benefits that can be achieved by states with targeted efforts at reducing CV risk factors. This project aims to synthesize high quality CVD risk factor data from multiple national-level data sources to produce a set of estimates that are accessible to US state officials and other interested groups to aid in their decision making. It will also produce a comprehensive data infrastructure and methodology that can be used to develop a web-based decision tool for states to evaluate the costs and benefits of investing in CV risk factor reduction.